Combining a highly successful Taekwon-do course with dynamic world class Karate and a comprehensive system of Chin-na (seize and control), Hathaway's offers a challenging curriculum that provides the best in martial-arts for kids and adults, for both recreation and serious self-defense skills.

    Senior-Master Keith Hathaway has over 30 years in the martial-arts and two decades of experience teaching kids, adults, professionals, athletes, law enforcement, military, security personnel, special needs... literally people from all walks of life.  

    All of our Instructors teach with enthusiasm and motivate with positive reinforcement.
    We have helped over 100 people realize their dreams of becoming BlackBelts, or even Masters of the martial arts... people just like you.  Start your path to BlackBelt today!

    Visit one of our Professional martial-arts schools today!

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    Freddie "The Weapon" LaPan is a professional martial-artist who owns and operates the Villari's studio in Barre Vermont.  A World-Champion fighter several times over, he teaches to achieve goals both in and outside of the ring.



    Keith Hathaway

    Chong Kwan-Jang
    Meagan Plante

    Kwan Jang-Nim
    Linda Jackman

    Master Chris Hemingway, 5th Dan
    Master Tom Mechler, 4th Dan

    Master Jen Wheeler, 4th Dan
    Master Amy Ferro, 4th Dan
    Master David Ferro, 4th Dan
    Master Hayes Mumma, 4th Dan

    Jill Barclay, 3rd Dan
    Mark Kuemerle, 3rd Dan
    Jesse Gunter, 3rd Dan
    Paul Frank, 3rd Dan
    Nathan Bedell, 3rd Dan
    Danielle Arel, 3rd Dan
    Colin Watts, 3rd Dan
    Lisa Allen, 3rd Dan
    Dillon Beyer, 3rd Dan
    Mike Soulia, 3rd Dan
    Jordan Gray, 3rd Dan
    Ethan Harlow, 3rd Dan
    Chris Lawson. 3rd Dan
    Claire Shea, 3rd Dan
    Danielle Kittell, 3rd Dan
    Kevin Hyten, 3rd Dan
    Terry Brabazon, 3rd Dan
    Spencer Soulia, 3rd Dan
    Joe Finch, 3rd Dan
    Eric Stone, 3rd Dan
    Cody Nash-Gibney, 3rd Dan
    Lance Gibney, 3rd Dan

    Tony Salgado, 2nd Dan
    Ethan Goedken, 2nd Dan
    Genevieve Hathaway, 2nd Dan
    Sathya Amouretti, 2nd Dan
    Vlad Suvorov, 2nd Dan
    Zachary Preston, 2nd Dan
    Kathy Jochim, 2nd Dan
    James Mott, 2nd Dan
    Anke Vollertsen, 2nd Dan
    Kathy Mumma, 2nd Dan
    Brendan Harlow, 2nd Dan
    Jesse Earisman, 2nd Dan
    Chris Hemphill, 2nd Dan
    Alex Harris, 2nd Dan
    Nate Richland, 2nd Dan
    Anna Barclay, 2nd Dan
    Robb Barclay, 2nd Dan
    Christina Mignano, 2nd Dan
    Jason Gonzalez, 2nd Dan
    Clarice Cutler, 2nd Dan
    Heather Kittell, 2nd Dan
    Kristen Jewel, 2nd Dan
    Joe Jackman, 2nd Dan
    Charlotte Finch, 2nd Dan
    Ryan Merrit, 2nd Dan
    Rebecca Stone, 2nd Dan

    Wade Johnson, 1st Dan
    Graeme Hutcheon, 1st Dan
    David Amouretti, 1st Dan
    Xavier Amouretti, 1st Dan
    Maddie Folsom, 1st Dan
    Nick Selig, 1st Dan
    Adam Petrucci, 1st Dan
    Isabelle Petrucci, 1st Dan
    Neil Hutcheon, 1st Dan
    Andrew Codding, 1st Dan
    Tom Parker, 1st Dan
    Alex Chaulot, 1st Dan
    Angus Hutcheon, 1st Dan
    Barbara Lewis, 1st Dan
    Chase Dunbar, 1st Dan
    Jessica Valley, 1st Dan
    Carlie Houston, 1st Dan
    Tom Voigt, 1st Dan
    Diane Mital, 1st Dan
    C.J. Cole, 1st Dan
    Andy Cole, 1st Dan
    Rachel Stone, 1st Dan
    Tom Jackman, 1st Dan
    Jamie Chadurjian, 1st Dan
    Charlie Ross, 1st Dan
    Wendy McCanna, 1st Dan
    Mike Blow, 1st Dan
    Katelyn Jewell, 1st Dan
    Jessie Blake, 1st Dan
    Thiefaine Magre, 1st Dan
    Raphael Magre, 1st Dan
    Lauren Brabazon, 1st Dan
    Dylan Sorrell, 1st Dan
    Chris Lumbra, 1st Dan
    Lukas Martin, 1st Dan
    Ben Martin, 1st Dan
    Devin Malinowski, 1st Dan
    Ryan Mitchell, 1st Dan
    Ahmed Dassi, 1st Dan
    Dan Poodiak, 1st Dan
    Matt Brabazon, 1st Dan

    Nathalie Lascelles, BlackBelt
    Annika Haglund, BlackBelt
    Bailey Danforth, BlackBelt
    Kaylan Hathaway, BlackBelt
    Jarrit Hathaway, BlackBelt
    Sage Grace, BlackBelt
    Erika Wiebe, BlackBelt
    Matt Deforge, BlackBelt
    Andy Lee, BlackBelt
    Jacob Lewis, BlackBelt
    Tyler Lewis, BlackBelt
    Joon Lee, BlackBelt
    Joonbeom Lee, BlackBelt
    Maggie Simpson, BlackBelt
    Brian Evans, BlackBelt
    Bobby Evans, BlackBelt
    Jenny Samuelson, BlackBelt
    Tim Lamphere, BlackBelt
    Pam Deavitt, BlackBelt
    Bob Maggio, BlackBelt
    Justin Earle, BlackBelt
    Eniz Camdzic, BlackBelt
    Sabastian Karch, BlackBelt